Europe looks to ban mobile and Wi-Fi in
The European Council has produced a report warning about the use of mobile
phones and Wi-Fi and its harmful effects on children and babies.
The European Council has produced a report warning about the use
of mobile phones and Wi-Fi and its harmful effects on children and babies. A
committee has prepared a roadmap that includes a prohibition of this type of
technology in schools and colleges in Europe, among other proposals.
Studies on the effect of exposure to electromagnetic signals contradict each
other. The World Health Organization has said that do not pose a risk to people
but the European Council has made an investigation in which ensures that there is
danger and points to children as the most vulnerable segment.
The data that have made the alarm bells have been obtained from the European
Environment Agency (EEA), which ensures that there is a risk to health from
exposure to electromagnetic fields. The European Council has cited studies of this
agency to justify their fears in a report called 'The potential dangers of
electromagnetic fields and their effects on the environment'.
"According to the EEA, there is sufficient evidence or scientific evidence
levels of harmful biological effects, sufficient to invoke the application of the
precautionary principle and of effective, urgent preventive," said the Committee
for the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs.
The European body said that "there is sufficient evidence of potentially harmful
effects of electromagnetic fields on fauna, flora and human health." For this
reason, the European Council considers necessary "to react and protect the health
and environmental risks potentially serious."
In this sense, the European Commission cites several studies indicating that the
signals can cause cancer and could affect the developing brains of children.
Therefore, the European Commission will propose to the member states to take
measures relating to the use of mobile phones and Wi-Fi networks.
Among the measures proposed is banning the use of mobile phones and Wi-
Fi networks in schools and kindergartens. The Council considers this
measure an act of prevention and protection for children.
In addition to the prohibition of these technologies in schools, it has been
recommended that set new limits on the levels of exposure to waves emitted
by mobile teams. The Council has also included in its proposed labeling
system for the devices to be alerted to the existence of electromagnetic
For complete information, we propose "targeted information campaigns
aimed at teachers, parents and children to alert about the specific risks
of early use, reckless and prolonged mobile phones and other devices
that emit microwave".
New plans for population information and new research on the impact of
these technologies are other proposals of the continental body, which aims to
raise awareness about the consequences of exposure to this type of signals.
The European Council can not force states to abide by these measures, but
their proposals are usually well received and often follow their advice.